Complex Business Simple Solutions

Meridional Seguros is an insurer that was born in 1948, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In one it was oriented to the commercialization of policies in the corporate segment, expanding its range of products to other segments such as Automobiles, Personal Accidents and Life. Currently working with an important network of producers and brokers to offer complete and better coverage to ensure the welfare of individuals and companies.


La Meridional faced a scenario where they interacted with various channels (brokers, bancassurance and producers), which through computer systems generated operations in different formats, depending on the systems provider of the mentioned actors. In order to be able to orchestrate all the movements and transform them into a standardized format, minimizing the impact on the systems providers of the channels, it was proposed to generate a transformation process of input and output of data for each one of them.

This process benefited the automation of the processes of entering and leaving the operations with their corresponding results, minimizing the manual operation and managing all the necessary data for the flow of the business.

Virtual Office™ – insured

In order to improve the range of customer services, the Virtual Office ™ solution was implemented, offering the possibility of accessing the consultation of their policies, data modification, printing of documents, reporting and consulting of claims, proof of payment, change of payment form, adhesion to electronic policy, among other functionalities, from wherever they are.

On the GO™

The On the GO ™ solution was implemented to extend the assistance channels to the insured, where you can access your account information from a Smartphone, consult policies, request a digital policy, request mechanical assistance through technology. QR and geolocation, pre-claim of claims, among other features that provide value to the customer.

Virtual Office™ – producers

The objective of this development was to generate a portal that would replace the portal with which they were working, providing new technology with the possibility of extending the application and integrating it in line with the core, thanks to the ISB™, improving the services provided to the producer. The functionalities that were developed are user management, commercial structures, policies, claims, current account, content management, novelties and initialed books, among others.

Virtual Office™ – pre liquidations

The company had a collection management system that was insufficient, so an application was implemented to control and manage the web collection process. This process managed and ordered the whole set of collections and collections orders in a unified manner, providing the company visibility and efficiency in the collection model. Thanks to the implementation of the ISB™ Insurance Service Bus, new functionalities and access channels to the company’s information were enabled, increasing the management capacity of the company. The pre-liquidation system consists of two modules that are the heart of the application which are reached within this development: > Web interface for generation and creation of pre liquidations of intermediary users. > Web interface for the collections sector.

Professional Services: Agile Good Practices

A series of workshops were developed with the work team and company managers to improve quality and productivity. Providing innovation and new techniques to achieve creative environments, allowing good practices to be incorporated into the daily dynamics that would result in a process of continuous improvement.

The most important functionality within the whole project was to be able to directly connect these products with the SiSe central system, with the ability to safely expose all that information concentrated in the central system.

  • JSF
  • Prime Faces
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Core / Spring MVC / Spring Batch
  • Activity
  • JBPM
  • Drools
  • Javascript
  • Ajax / CSS / JSON / REST