Complex Business Simple Solutions

BNP Paribas Cardif is an insurer that started its activities in 1997, quickly adding an extensive portfolio of strategic partners within the insurance industry that allowed to position itself as a benchmark in the market. Over time it has expanded into branches and channels, taking as a strength the marketing of life insurance. As well has been regionalized successfully, being present in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, among others.


BNP Paribas Cardif Argentina was in a process of transforming his model of business so he hired SysOne to tell with a technological partner that provides and assists you integral way in the Know How of the market of insurance.

From there, SysOne undertook a process of analysis and survey of the current scenario of the insurer in order to determine the tools most appropriate to solve the problems inherent to the company (in this one period techniques were used like the realization of a Story Mapping, which brings a global vision of the state and actions to undertake). After this stage, a plan of improvement and action that included active participation of both work teams (Cardif / SysOne).

In this way, BNP Paribas Cardif could be provided with an added value both commercially and technically for the maximization in the management of its products and processes.

The main areas where it worked were:

  • Standardization and documentation of the key processes of the insurer, including also various business scenarios within the framework of individual and collective life. Within this item we can highlight the work in the collections modules, people management, quotation, subscription, issuance, billing, endorsements, renewals, reservations, claims, reinsurance, co-insurance, electronic documents, commission settlement, among others.
  • Analysis of the regulatory and tax regulatory framework in force in Argentina, documenting all the necessary requirements, structure and composition of new products, contract management, compliance and presentation of regulatory reports before the SSN (Superintendence of Insurance of the Nation).
  • Determination of points of improvement, which enables the streamlining and return of investment (ROI).
  • Incorporation of better work practices, which allows them to improve internal productivity, thus increasing business opportunities.
  • Change management, whether in processes, people and technology.