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Galicia Seguros is an insurer that started its activities in 1996 within Grupo Financiero Galicia. With an initial orientation towards the insurance of people, it was diversified towards the patrimonial insurance, for businesses and companies. Currently it is one of the leading companies in the Argentine insurance market.


Project Description “Your Insurance Portal:”

Was implemented with the objective of generating a tool that will help to position Galicia in the market of companies in the online sale of mass insurance, giving the Human Resources area an instrument that will allow its employees the opportunity to access exclusive benefits as well as manage their policies. With this tool, the entire business and human resources sector manages to reach a group of individuals, the most important factor for the success of the project was to trigger events that generate quotes and new businesses. Including a system of integration with the management of Marketing and social networks. Another important point of the platform is the capacity of self-management, minimizing the operational management of the company and automating all processes. For this purpose, the portal is supported in ISB™, a tool based on a BPM engine, a rules engine and the possibility of generating as many services as the business requires.

Project Description “Bancaseguros:”

Se implementó con el objetivo de generar nuevos canales de atención a clientes en múltiples plataformas. Los mismos se montaron sobre la herramienta Insurance Service Bus™, con el fín de poder utilizar la oferta de servicios ya existente. Con esta implementación se pudo contener toda la diversidad de canales comerciales, generando interfaces gráficas a medida.

Objetivos del proyecto:

  • Consistency of customer data: All channels must have the same information of the clients in the area of business in question. This is achieved by taking data from the resource and injecting it into business processes of the insurer.
  • Integral vision of the client and its risks insured: To activate the omnicanal consistency, all users do not import their role, they must have a unique view of the client and its risk map with their active policies.
  • Messages and business customers: With a single engine of trading and marketing, you can create offers to measure for a segment in particular. This avoids inconsistencies in communication with the client.
  • Capturing customer information: With an integration engine and common channel management throughout the insurer, it ensures that all channels are requesting the same amount and quality of information to their customers. This translates into less work for customers in providing them, minimizes problems When a customer starts an operation through one channel and ends it in another.
  • Thanks to this synergy between Insurance Service Bus ™ and the banking channel, it was possible to contain a multitude of channels that allow the entity to reach an all-round environment and capture a larger percentage of the insurance market. It was linked to the ISB with the channels homebanking, contact center, UVM, Leasing, among others. As part of our client portfolio, we are constantly accompanying Galicia Seguros not only in the development of innovative solutions, but also in advice and management improvements, such as:

    • Quality management
    • Pricing Improvements
    • Good practices: agile methodologies
    • Support and upgrade
  • JSF
  • Prime Faces
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Core / Spring MVC / Spring Batch
  • Activity
  • JBPM
  • Drools
  • Javascript
  • Ajax / CSS / JSON / REST