Complex Business Simple Solutions

Qualia is the insurance company of the Petersen Group. It started operations in early 2016. It currently has a wide range of important clients in the market, such as Banco San Juan, Banco Santa Cruz, Banco Santa Fe and Nuevo Banco Entre Ríos.


SysOne accompanied Qualia Seguros throughout an arduous growth process. For this, a survey and business analysis stage was carried out, determining the key factors to achieve a satisfactory implementation based on the incremental team work, thus being able to detect possible inconveniences and granting the customer deliverables of the final product with functionality in small timeslots. Within this project, there was a co-insurance relationship between Sancor Seguros (pilot insurer) and Qualia (participating insurer), where the challenge was based on an initial migration of the co-insured portfolio corresponding to the Robo Bolso, ATM and Home Theft branches.

From there, there was an interface that provides daily endorsements, emissions, renewals, claims, collection and re-invoicing of all policies, which are replicated in the core of Qualia automatically. For those cases in which one of these operations could not be integrated automatically, they can be integrated through the contingency modules manually by users.

The accounting module for internal control and organization has also been implemented, which allows the creation of an agile and intuitive Account Plan that complies with all the regulatory requirements of the public body that supervises insurance entities in Argentina (SSN – Superintendencia de Insurance of the Nation). It also allows aspects such as:

  • Accounting entries.
  • General Ledger.
  • Daily book.
  • General Ledger.

Throughout the work cycle SysOne has worked together with Qualia for continuous improvement, including aspects such as:

  • Front End: Custom graphic interface, focused on usability, agility, and user experience.
  • Trainning and Coaching: Workshop on innovation and agile methodologies to maximize internal efficiency and return on investment (ROI).
  • Training of the platform: Realization of personalized material for the learning of the platform, either in the elaboration of bibliographic documentation, as well as audiovisual productions such as videos.
  • JSF
  • Prime Faces
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Core / Spring MVC / Spring Batch
  • Activity
  • JBPM
  • Drools
  • Javascript
  • Ajax / CSS / JSON / REST