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Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros Ltda. is an insurer that was born in Sunchales, Santa Fe, in 1945. This Cooperative gave origin to the Asegurador Sancor Seguros Group that has its Central House in Sunchales, managing to expand throughout the Argentine territory and other countries such as Uruguay , Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia. Currently leading the insurance market not only in terms of billing, but also for the recognized work in safety and prevention and transparency.”


Sancor Seguros has implemented the SysOne Insurance Core Life™ solution, a integral platform that supports all process of managing life insurance products. This allowed the insurer to have control over the entire cycle of its policies, whether from the request, quote, subscription and issuance thereof, automating key business processes and parameterizing the key features according to the business of Sancor Seguros. With this implementation, it is also possible to carry out rescues, reserves, loans, or investments, among others, all through a single portal 100% web that provides updated information of each client in real time. The solution has rigorous parameters of security and accessibility, so it has a role and user administrator. As for the first ones, it will be possible to visualize the existing ones in the platform, as well as create new ones, while for the case of the users, it will be possible to search or create new ones, having to assign them a pre-loaded role in the platform, such as an administrator, sales, business officer, etc.

Another aspect of the solution is the inclusion of a life quote with capitalization (Unit Linked), which allows them to manage life products with investment / savings. This tool makes it possible to quote, subscribe and issue online from multiple devices such as notebooks and tablets at any time and place, maximizing the possibilities of sale. For the incorporation of this functionality it was necessary to carry out various integrations with external interfaces such as the single base of people, investment funds, dollar quotation, etc. In turn, this quote is linked to the Mercado Pago channel, so the buyer, by providing the details of his credit / debit card, can immediately pay for his policy and issue his insurance. The accounting module for internal control and organization has also been implemented, which allows the creation of an agile and intuitive Account Plan that complies with all the regulatory requirements of the public body that supervises insurance entities in Argentina (SSN).

It also allows aspects such as

  • Accounting entries
  • Automatic closures
  • Creation of TxT file for import in AFIP and other collection agencies
  • Diary book
  • Ledger
Professional Services: They were developed with the work team of the company a series of workshops to improve the quality and productivity. Providing innovation and new techniques to achieve environments creative, making it possible to incorporate good practice in the daily dynamics that propitiate a process of continuous improvement.

  • JSF
  • Prime Faces
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Core / Spring MVC / Spring Batch
  • Activity
  • JBPM
  • Drools
  • Javascript
  • Ajax / CSS / JSON / REST