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About us.

SysOne is a company dedicated to software development and customized solutions for the insurance market and finance, incorporating user experience in all processes in order to enable agile management practices within complex domains. The goal is to provide companies flexible systems that allow functionality and troubleshoot focus efforts on core business to open new business opportunities, reaching a omnichannel scenario.

With extensive experience in the market, we have over sixty highly qualified professionals distributed in our four offices in Argentina (central house) and Perú, together with a large interconnected network of Partners and business representatives that enable us to be present throughout Latin America, in countries such as Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, among others. Our mission as a company is to be close to our customers as well as meet every challenge before us to further strengthen our leadership and strategic development in potential markets that project us into the future.

a new approach in the insurance industry

SysOne born as a need for a new approach within the insurance industry and finance, emphasizing on the one hand in the research, development and innovation allows us to offer technology products and services quality, and on the other, in people and interactions, that is, the human role in the market. Thus, through this framework, we believe that we can achieve the goal of becoming technology partners happy customers.

Our years of experience has enabled us to achieve a thorough understanding of the market, processes and actors involved in the business. Therefore, we develop systems that support all key company operations, supplemented with the highest range of professional services. The software should always work, and that requires code quality, ease of integration, flexibility, scalability, and upgradeability and maintenance. We collaborate with our customers to define project requirements, and offer specialized solutions to each particular stage.

our priority is the success of customers
Our team of professionals

Our team is formed by professionals that combine experience and business intelligence with technological innovation to overcome the constant challenges of the market. Therefore, we have experts that add value in different areas, such as scrum master, product owner, development team, solution architect, business manager, marketing & communication manager, design, innovation team, Sales Representatives, among others.

In SysOne we are an agile culture based on continuous improvement, better results through a set of collaborative practices, where the formation of self-sufficient, self-organized and teams with integrated customer in such equipment is encouraged. We put emphasis on making people are motivated, we encourage regular feedback and reflection on how to improve the work process.

Working methodology agile culture