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Insurance Modular Suite

The insurance industry is facing a complex scenario in which customers and intermediaries require quick answers and easy access to information updated in real time. Along with this, increased competition and constant changes in regulations require insurers, brokers and agents to seek flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic growth of the market.

Insurance Modular Suite™ is a solution for the insurance category arising from the same business need. The formula aims to increase sales, streamline processes, and lower operating costs. For this SysOne developed a omnichannel platform to generate infinite possibilities among the three main players in this market: the insurers, sales channels and customers.

Modular Solutions of SysOne

Stage needs

  • Speed in issuing policies.
  • Self-service.
  • Visibility claims management process.
  • Access to information in real time and from anywhere.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Agility in the sales process.
  • Easy product configuration.
  • Flexibility to meet regulatory and market changes.
  • Direct access to the companies for online communication with insurers.
  • Fast responses.
  • Commercialization tools.

Business actors


Insurance Modular Suite™ provides flexibility and adaptability to insurers by integrating information from different internal systems and sharing it with business partners or intermediaries, providing information online. In this way it allows insurance companies integrating separate systems and databases data to provide consolidated information given from different applications such as Core systems, CRM, policy issuance, billing, among others.

It also allows configuration of products more easily to bring them to market quickly, because they can be molded without programming changes.


Insurance Modular Suite™ can provide customers quick answers and easy access to information updated in real time through different access points to the company.

In this way, attention will be placed to its customers through mobile applications, queries or complaints through SMS or quotes on different portals. It also allows customer loyalty thanks to integration with social networks, offering services according to their profile.


Changes in consumer attitudes, needs, and preferences are one of the reasons driving insurers to improve their distribution capabilities. To achieve growth in production is key to give customers multiple channels for policy acquisition.

Insurance Modular Suite™ allows us to offer the ability to enable faster new channels for trading and own queries as new branches and mobile applications, web portals own broker, or outsourced call centers, among others, managing to establish a omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Multiplicity of solutions.

Insurance Modular Suite™ provides solutions to support all its operations, such as subscription, issue, policy administration, business rules, claims management, among others. In this way it allows us to offer products and efficient services to all our customers.

To provide a multitude of solutions we rely on interconnectivity, flexibility and constant updating of all our developments, in order to always remain at the forefront of the insurance industry.


Insurance Modular Suite™ architecture combines a focused processes and services designed to scale (SOA) with application integration and service partners approach. The platform supports both modules can be implemented with Open Source tools as container owners, obtaining a high availability environment.

Presentation layer

100 % Web, supports multiple devices. It is not necessary to realize discharges to be able to use the system, it is enough to have only the direction URL.

Services layer

It is service-oriented (SOA), based on REST API. HTTP services can be consumed by a wide range of clients including web browsers, mobile, other systems or tablets.

Each process and resource data is exposed through an HTTP service enabling communication and integration between various current or future devices.

Process layer

The platform has an extended BPM (BPMN 2.0) with ability to solve RunTime time domain objects (insurance business). These objects can potentially be mapped to the data layer (relational database, partner service, etc).

This extension of the BPM generates an added value that gives simplicity and ease of reading process. Thus the processes have the ability to understand the business model with their corresponding objects in a natural way, avoiding technical actions within the process.

The process layer also has the ability to execute business rules thanks to embedded rules engine.

Business logic layer

It maintains business rules, constantly updating.

Base layer and data access

The data access layer provides a separation of code by its function. This approach provides flexibility to change the data persistence mechanism in the desired time.