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Insurance Scan Solutions

Insurance Scan Solutions™ by SysOne is a platform that optimizes the conversion of physical documents into digital content within insurance companies. In the first instance, the platform has a powerful advanced capture tool that allows the entry of data from multiple channels. Then, it transforms and digitizes all the physical documents in an agile way. Subsequently, all the digitization sources are unified and, with the electronic

and generated images, the information corresponding to each of them is extracted, indexed and stored in the repositories. of the platform of the business model requirements, such as policies, people, claims, among others. The entire cycle carries out a rigorous data security process that guarantees secure access, traceability and regulatory compliance of the information that has recently


Capture Digitization all documents, invoices, packing slips, account statements, insurance policies, among others.
Indexed file Search and recovery variety of documents such as office, CAD, videos, photos, PDF, AFP, XML, among others.
Process Processing any type of document, distribution, review and approval. Notices users to intervene in processes and profiles.
Collaboration Working together with documents or electronically automated processes. Versioning of documents or records.
Distribution Accessibility for employees, producers, customers, intermediaries at all times and place.
Compliance and safety Sure access. Traceability and security auditing.

SysOne provides an evolution in document management, comprising not only the capture, digitization and distribution of documents, but also content management solutions, process automation or BPM and integration with ERP and CRM, to optimize times.


Market Decrease in the number of impressions and sending paper correspondence.
Streamlining Elimination of manipulation times of physical documentation and reduction of information losses.
Costs reduction Automation and simplification of company processes, reducing the volume of paper.
Environmental care Awareness, sustainability and social responsibility of each company, in order to achieve best practices in the use of paper.
Increase in productivity Agility in customer service and increase the efficient work of employees.
Legislation Compliance with existing regulations that indicate the receipt of documents and information from insurers for a period of ten years.


Emission and disponibilización

Of all policies and services related to all processes, either to print, sort, file and / or quickly find, to email, check via the Web, for centers customer service, sales, producers or insured documents, also for audit and control bodies.

Processes claims and legajos

With all the information, photos and documents of all formats available and visible to everyone involved in the case.

Approval in the process

So anyone from the company or authorized user could consult both the state as the documentation, verify who uploaded it, when and what did the different documents.

File and collaboration

It is possible to be provided with tidy folders automatically, with versioning of all documents, to collaborate with all the different departments of the company, such as: legal, as well as inspectors and audits.

Multiple applications

Any other process documents that the various departments of the company need to handle decreasing role, complexity, accelerating time, improving management and relationships with customers and suppliers. Integration with core applications, ERPs, CRMs, HR, etc.


Insurance Core™ architecture combines a focused processes and services designed to scale (SOA) with application integration and service partners approach. The platform supports both modules can be implemented with Open Source tools as container owners, obtaining a high availability environment.

Presentation layer

100 % Web, supports multiple devices. It is not necessary to realize discharges to be able to use the system, it is enough to have only the direction URL.

Services layer

It is service-oriented (SOA), based on REST API. HTTP services can be consumed by a wide range of clients including web browsers, mobile, other systems or tablets.

Each process and resource data is exposed through an HTTP service enabling communication and integration between various current or future devices.

Process layer

The platform has an extended BPM (BPMN 2.0) with ability to solve RunTime time domain objects (insurance business). These objects can potentially be mapped to the data layer (relational database, partner service, etc).

This extension of the BPM generates an added value that gives simplicity and ease of reading process. Thus the processes have the ability to understand the business model with their corresponding objects in a natural way, avoiding technical actions within the process.

The process layer also has the ability to execute business rules thanks to embedded rules engine.

Business logic layer

It maintains business rules, constantly updating.

Base layer and data access

The data access layer provides a separation of code by its function. This approach provides flexibility to change the data persistence mechanism in the desired time.