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On The GO

On the GO™ is the mobile version of the suite components for SysOne. This application enables insurers to deploy and manage mobile applications to extend the reach and accessibility of policy administration systems and client management of the company. Thus, its implementation gives intermediaries the opportunity to generate new business and turn self-service applications allow secured access to policy information and claims processing immediately via smartphones or tablets.

On the GO™ is a native application oriented all branches of the insurance industry that enhances productivity and streamlines business processes, maximizing sales and increasing the quality of service to all policyholders. In turn, it has the ability to integrate all existing software solutions in companies. Its main objectives are to provide rapid assistance to the insured, increase sales and diminish the volume of fraud, optimizing the areas of customer companies and coupled with a series of functionalities that will be made available according to the profile of the user.


Multiplatform Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, among others.
Multidevice Deploying the application on a wide range of devices such as smartphone, iphone, tablet apple or android, among others.
Decrease manual management Upload data directly to company systems, eliminating manual forms.
Simple and secure interface Intuitive platform based on a role structure.


Integration With the company’s back-end systems through the ISB™, to ensure real-time services. It also integrates with business partner systems such as inspectors, call centers or vehicle assistance services.
Expansion of marketing channels Increase the sales possibilities for the agent.
ID CARD Online visualization of the identification card of each client.
Connection with insurers Diversity of integrated channels to contact the company.
Payment of policies online Connection with the main payment channels.


For Insured

  • Policy information and personalized profile.
  • Billing history, endorsements, documentation.
  • Quick access with the Contact Center.
  • Request for sending the electronic policy via email. Possibility to download from the APP.
  • Realization of a claim.
  • Request assistance services on the route.
  • Receive notifications about the contracted policy, promotions and renewals.
  • Obtain certificate of coverage or generate payment coupons.
  • Use of an ID card with QR technology to facilitate the management in case of vehicle collision or route assistance.
  • Locate the vehicle through the geolocation service.
  • Check the expiration time of the parking meter.
  • Set alerts for the expiration date of the registration of driving.
  • Look for branches of attention for the insured of the insurance company.
  • Contact the producer immediately.
  • Location of medical institutions near the current location of the insured before an emergency.
  •  Map of service stations for fuel loading.

For Intermediaries

  • Immediate consultation of its portfolio of clients and of the current account.
  • Communicate with the Contact Center of the insurer.
  • View and update the personal information of your account.
  • Receive and reply to messages.
  • Enter the institutional website instantly.
  • Download useful information in PDF format.
  • Check your general requests, depending on your status or filters you want.
  • Massive management and processing of data in batch format for insurance operations.
  • News of insurance policies in RSS or mobile app: outstanding requirements for issuance, new applications, etc.
  • Quote products.
  • Issue policies at all times and moments.
  • Streamline inspection processes, incorporating images and evidence.
  • Reduce fraud due to geographical location, temporary images and evidence.
  • Receive notifications about expirations, and handling of the operational processes.


La arquitectura de Insurance Core combina un enfoque centrado en procesos diseñado para escalar y servicios (SOA) con integración de aplicaciones y partners de servicio. La plataforma que soporta los módulos puede implementarse tanto con herramientas Open Source como con contenedores propietarios, obteniendo un entorno de alta disponibilidad.

Capa de presentación

100% Web, compatible en múltiples dispositivos. No es necesario realizar descargas para poder usar el sistema, basta solo con tener la dirección URL.

Capa de servicios

Se encuentra orientada a servicios (SOA), basada en API REST. Los servicios HTTP pueden ser consumidos por una amplia gama de clientes incluyendo navegadores web, móviles, otros sistemas o tabletas.

Cada proceso y cada recurso de datos es expuesto mediante un servicio HTTP permitiendo la comunicación e integración entre distintos dispositivos, actuales o futuros.

Capa de procesos

La plataforma cuenta con un BPM extendido (BPMN 2.0) con capacidad de resolver en tiempo de RunTime objetos del dominio (negocio del seguro). Estos objetos podrán estar potencialmente mapeados a la capa de datos (base de datos relacional, partner service, etc).

Esta extensión del BPM genera un valor agregado que le da simplicidad y facilidad de la lectura del proceso. De esta forma los procesos tienen la capacidad de entender el modelo de negocio con sus correspondientes objetos en forma natural, evitando acciones técnicas dentro del proceso.

La capa de procesos posee también la capacidad de ejecución de reglas de negocios gracias al motor de reglas embebido.

Capa de lógica de negocio

Mantiene las reglas de negocio, actualizándose constantemente.

Capa de base y acceso a datos

La capa de accesos a datos brinda una separación del código por su función. Este enfoque brinda flexibilidad para cambiar el mecanismo de persistencia de datos en el tiempo deseado.