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Accounting ERP™

It is Sysone accounting module prepared for the digital era.

Simplify the accounting process of your insurance company, optimizing from the financial consolidation to compliance reports and audits.

Achieve a faster financial closure, observing regulations, execute financial accounting processes and reports in real time and obtain a common vision of financial data.

Our module improves the consistency of the information of all the company and helps you get strategic live data about the business.


Module that is 100% digital, compatible with the cloud.
End-to-end planning process and use of operating data in real time to eliminate delays and redundancy.
Financial analysis on the spot.
Carry out closure tasks and processes between periods in real time.
Obtain online reports.
Process big amounts of data:

In order to allow for the detection of fraud in real time on the transaction level.

Centralize fraud management and optimize research and monitoring.
Realize your business objectives

Simplifying and accelerating the digital transformation.

Regulatory compliance of each country
Common vision of all the operating and financial data
Fast response to the fluctuating dynamics of the market
Increase the automation and reduce the manual effort
Support service

To keep solutions working to a maximum.