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SURA is an insurer that has more than 70 years of experience in the business, being recognized for its presence throughout Latin America as one of the leaders in the insurance market.


SysOne initiated the implementation of its Claims Management™ solution, a software platform for the processing of claims that standardizes processes and automates the activities necessary for the resolution of cases, to integrate all the information coming from the areas involved in the treatment of the case the Insurance Service Bus™ was implemented as a base platform. In this way each actor can access, according to their role, the web application to consult the claim and have a status of the case with updated information in real time.

As part of Claims Management™, SysOne implemented the Business Rules Engine™, for the automation of concurrent decisions in an optimized environment for the management of business logic. Thus, consistent estimates and valuations were obtained even under a high volume of cases. In this sense, Claims Management™ assisted users in making decisions, thus reducing manual management to minimize losses and estimation errors.

On the other hand, it also allowed the large volume of cases to be processed concurrently to identify patterns and determine potential fraud throughout the process. In this way, the compensation costs were reduced through the proactive management of fraud.

Claims Management™

  • Development of a loss management and settlement system.
  • Integration of channels such as producers, inspectors, studios, etc.
  • Generation of self-management portals and information on insured losses.

Insurance Core Life™

  • In Sura Argentina there coexisted three central systems that handled all the processes of the life branch (Ovejero: Collective life; SISE: Client Server, Individual life + Collective life; NVIDA: Module in SISE contains personal accidents and collective life that are not Ovejero policies). For this reason, they were in search of a core solution that would unify all the operations in a single flexible, scalable platform capable of adapting to the current and future requirements of the insurance company, as well as managing the complete life cycles collective and individual.
  • JSF
  • Prime Faces
  • JPA/Hibernate
  • Spring Core / Spring MVC / Spring Batch
  • Activity
  • JBPM
  • Drools
  • Javascript
  • Ajax / CSS / JSON / REST