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The amount of data created and stored globally is almost unimaginable, and it continues to grow. This means that there is an even greater potential to obtain key market information insights.

Insurance companies have a great amount of data that can generate huge value, including the increase in revenue of specific sales and greater customer satisfaction. In order to take full advantage of their data, insurance companies need innovative and technology data solutions.

Sysone Data Suite is the set of intelligent solutions that Sysone has to offer

to help insurance companies use data as a strategic asset, leaving information in the hands of the right people at the right time


Actuarial Analytics

It stems from the combination of data science, technology and actuarial science. Our actuaries have a vast experience in the complete insurance cycle, from market feasibility to customer segmentation, positioning in the market, prices and new products implementation. You will get a new way to address insurance with the help of insurance professionals with a long experience in the market.


Data Science

Our team applies advanced data techniques to manage the most complex Big Data and Artificial Intelligence challenges in order to improve the relationship with customers and earn more profitability. Thanks to this solution, predictive models from different data sources can be created to give recommendations to those responsible for making decisions, getting powerful, real time information about customers, products, operations, finances and sales metrics.


Business Intelligence

It organizes information in user-friendly formats. Insurance companies will be able to make better decisions by means of the creation of access to information and analysis of the entire company, and thus optimize the results of the business. That way, they will be able to reduce losses and expenses dramatically as revenue grows.

Use your data and new data sources to obtain a competitive advantage.


Find out the true potential of digital transformation with a powerful data platform designed for the insurance market.

Make data-based decisions.

It will allow you to focus on new market opportunities and give a faster response to market changes.

Provide relevant information to the right people in real time.

Have full and reliable access to the data needed to identify new opportunities.

The dynamic and intuitive data visualization reduces the time needed to understand and make decisions.

The easy access and use of data allows all the areas of the organization to improve the decision-making process.


Create alerts in real time to inform critical events in your business.
See reports in your mobile device, anytime and anywhere.
Modern tools for the analysis of insurance data.

Giving insurance companies the capacity to extract, integrate and organize information from different sets of data to drive decisions.

Proven, confirmed support of all the insurance value chain.