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We design, develop and deliver digital solutions for the global insurance market.

Everything we do is based on our hard-earned knowledge of how this highly-specialized and regulated industry works. We know very well how to turn new opportunities into new business before somebody else does.

Claims Management™:

It gives insurance companies the capacity to face these opportunities and challenges, using an engine based on highly-configurable rules that allow for the complete claim process, in all the business lines.

Accounting ERP™:

Simplify the accounting process of your insurance company, optimizing from the financial consolidation to compliance reports and audits.

Insurance Service Bus™:

It simplifies the integration and reuse of business components.

On the GO ™:

It is the mobile version of the components of the Sysone insurance suite. It gives the digital skill needed to provide more receptive, attractive and satisfactory customer experiences in any channel the insured prefers.

Risk Inspections™:

It is Sysone software solution designed to simplify the management of the complete inspection process. It encompasses from the generation of inspection orders to the handling of data and files.


It is the Sysone digital module, compatible with the cloud, which allows insurance companies to provide a better omnichannel sales experience.

Virtual Office™:

Manage the entire life cycle of the policy in the same platform, in any distribution channel, from the quote to the accident management.