Complex Business Simple Solutions


Our experience in the market allows us to provide a consistent and high quality in the service to complement our range of software solutions for insurance. Customer requirements determine the shape and structure of the work programs and services needed to deliver the desired result. Our teams of experienced specialists are familiar with all the implementation measures.

Through the consultancy, our customers find in SysOne advice not only in the development of software, but in something even more important for the companies that are the possibilities of business into new opportunities.

GOOD PRACTICE: AGILE Training of tools and methodologies to learn how to optimize all the resources and obtain better results for your company.
QUALITY MANAGEMENT Power equipment using testing automation tools, also reduces all test cycles, increases the speed of development and application availability.
APPLICATION INTEGRATION Communication between existing applications in the companies to speed up response times and unify the information of the different sources.
SUPPORT Y UPGRADE Maintenance and constant updating of all the solutions and services in order to meet the needs and demands of each client.
CORE SYSTEM MODERNIZATION Transformation and modernization of internal systems and forms of interaction of the insurer in order not to be left out of the market.
PRICING IMPROVEMENTS Development and analysis of strategies to maximize the profitability of the company, translating the efforts in results.
LIFE CYCLE OF APPLICATIONS Optimization of processes to reduce the cycle of development, increase the quality and productivity by accelerating the time to market of applications.
WEB HOSTING VIRTUAL Accommodation of applications in own servers.
CORE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Analysis of the core systems. Research is being carried out to detect the factors that generate disadvantages in the services and/or business processes. Then develops a plan for continuous improvement.
OTHERS SERVICES Development of all types of services that can be managed in the companies, thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market.