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SysOne Cloud Ready

Agility, immediacy and customization are some of today's hyperconnected customer demands. SysOne Cloud Ready aims to revolutionize the insurance purchase process by making it faster, simpler and smarter.

We put at your disposal a cloud ecosystem that will allow you to expand the scale and speed of your business.


Insurers can create any type of service and/or product. Technology ceases to be a limitation, and, as in LEGO’s building-block toys, the only limit is imagination.

SysOne Cloud Ready is a platform built in the cloud, powered by API-driven modules and delivered to you as a service (SaaS).

SysOne Process Engine

SysOne's process manager allows companies to configure each functionality of their products. With stability and security, the SPE connects all the company's insurance creation and management components.

Speed up and simplify management. Quickly launch new products based on your process flows.

SysOne Connectors

SysOne's connectors and business partners provide comprehensive control over your data and solutions in days, not months. These alliances enrich our platform, so that your solution stands out in the market.

Connect with the product and service providers you need to create your perfect and customized solution.

of customers are activated in just 3 months.

reduction in time to launch a new product.

savings on

increase in flexibility for creating new workflows.