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Insurance Core

Insurance Core™ is the result of adding the experience of SysOne in the insurance market and combined with the technological innovation reflected in all our applications. Is a web platform and modular that manages all the operations of the insurance companies, which allows you to replace the system core and transform your business, or begin to operate from the start, accompanying him in the growth. Insurance Core™ designs, controls and optimizes all workflows in the company, maximizes the capacity for flexibility and operational visibility. Handles all the lines of business, of persons and property, individual and collective life, with a workshop of products for the design and management of the life cycle of the product.

It can adapt quickly to regulatory or strategic changes and bring to market a product without reliance on IT department. It also offers facilities for mass and micro certificate management target to increase the volume of its portfolio and reduce operating costs. Insurance Core™ is programmed on a service layer exposing all functionality through web services API, which allows you to consume easily from other systems and orchestrate implementing a SOA (Service Oriented architecture), achieving a omnichannel scenario.


100% web Web browsing with accessibility from any device.
Integration Compatibility with all existing technologies in the company, as well as web services.
Secure investment Delivery of source codes. Payment by project milestone and technical support contract.
Scalability Use of a 100% stateless schema, which allows to add and remove nodes from the farm completely horizontally, being able to increase the client base without high costs, in a simple and transparent way.
Accounting Automation and configuration of the accounting movements of the company.
BPM Integrated workflow that gives flexibility and control over the business processes defined by the insurer.
Defined response times Warranty of response times contractually, depending on the criticality of the requirement.
Service Layer Immediate interconnection with other systems and orchestration of services through REST API.
Bulk operations Management and bulk import the full lifecycle policies.


Launching innovative products Ability to configure the behavior of products through a rules engine, simple and fast.
Process automation company Management of the entire lifecycle of a policy in a quick and friendly environment.
System access only with internet Access control for policyholders, employees, branches, centrally with only a web browser and from any device.
Regulatory compliance Easy configuration to adapt to regulatory changes.
Design and control the service level of the insurer Alerting for any type of event. The policyholder will be informed in real-time of the state of your process.
Technology transfer So that the technical area of the company acquires the necessary knowledge to have the operational and maintenance control.
Web service API It allows integration with other systems and is oriented SOA services. It facilitates data governance required by regulation.
Omnichannel FrontEnd Custom user interface, built entirely to measure, where visual and interaction elements are implemented in different supported channels such as web responsive, mobile apps, social networks, SMS, etc).


  • Draft
  • High
  • Approval
  • Documents
  • Comments
  • Reinsurance
  • Automatic commissions
  • History of the policy
  • Map of movements of the policy
  • Hedge management
  • Insured risk management
  • Premium receipt
  • Financing
  • Beneficiaries
  • Dynamic form
  • Contacts of the policy
  • State management
  • Integration with doctors
  • Reports on premium
  • Medical analysis
  • Generation of itineraries and health questionnaires depending on the complexity of risk is assessed
  • Increased coverage
  • Decreased coverage
  • Reinstatement
  • Informative
  • Renewal movement
  • Canceling movement
  • Annulment
  • Another type of endorsements
  • Individual
  • Lot
  • Changing conditions
  • Map Portfolio
  • Announcements
  • Subscription
  • Group conditions
  • Certificates revenue
  • Certificates exclusion
  • Movements
  • Constitution
  • Liberation
  • Offers
  • Tracing
  • Approval
  • Offline
  • Online
  • Through mobile devices
Claims Administration
  • Workflow
  • Record claims
  • Summary
  • Reinsurance
  • Movements
  • Control of insured property
  • Comments
  • Times control
  • Document registration
  • Reception control
  • Request
  • Breakdown cover
  • multiple recipients
  • Validation reservation
  • Automatic reinsurance
Service orders
  • Registry
  • Tracing
  • Registry
  • Settings
  • Validations
  • Reinsurance
  • Registration process
  • Tracing
Claims analysis
  • Reports
  • Graphic analysis
  • Photographs
  • Claims mailbox
  • Attach from mobile phone
Taller de contratos
  • Automatic management contracts
  • Conditions
  • Participants
  • Simulator
  • Proportional and non-proportional
  • Multilayer
  • Premium Distribution Control
  • Doctor’s check
  • Approvals
  • Distribution control in claims
  • Catastrophic Events
Contract management
  • Control of settlements
  • Detailed Assignment of Assignments
  • Workflow settlement status
  • Technical Accounts
  • Settlement of participants
  • Bordereau of cousins
  • Bordereau of claims
  • Portfolio Profiles
  • Given away
  • Accepted
  • Contract management
  • Schema Definition
  • Points
  • Multilevel Participants
  • Control of commissions generated
  • Control of generated points
  • Goal setting
  • Goal control
  • Control of settlements
  • Detailed Association of Commissions
  • Workflow settlement status
  • Retentions
  • Points
Customer 360° look
  • Contact assets
  • Quick access to active
Contact management
  • General information
  • Natural entity
  • Legal entity
  • Addresses
  • Location Gmap
  • Financial data
  • Roles of the entity
  • Historical
  • Profile
  • Desactivation
  • Multi-channel message
  • Scheduled Letters
  • Synchronization
  • Import
Workflow BPM
Workflow Designer
  • Drag & drop web designer
  • Management by branch / product
  • Editing states
  • Editing Transitions
  • Permits
  • Conditional Transitions
Workflow Engine
  • Sequential and non-sequential tracing
  • Status display in progress
  • Options by state
  • Transition actions
  • Transitional Posts
  • SLA
Process audit
  • Transition Monitor
  • Fulfillment
Optimization of processes
  • Transaction control
  • Graphic
  • Requirements
  • Tracing
  • Authorizations
Business Intelligence BI
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Customizable control panels
  • Combined Filters
  • Real time
Control panels
  • Active premium analysis
  • Analysis of premium charged
  • Casualty
  • Analysis of claims
  • Analysis of producers
  • Cancellations
  • Loyalty
  • Demographic
  • Sales force performance
  • KPI Key Metrics
Operational Reports
  • Filters
  • Dynamically expandable
  • Export
  • Vigor
  • Regulatory
  • Abstracts
Massive Operations
Bulk Load
  • Load validation templates
  • Rules
  • Operations queue processing
  • Operations processing
  • Arching
  • Export batch results
  • Export data
  • Template management by product
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Field Types
  • Uniqueness of fields
  • Real-time batch task monitor
  • Historical batch task monitor
  • Server Cluster Control
  • Control recurring jobs
  • Checking queues
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Failed jobs
  • Successful Jobs
  • Deleted Jobs<
Massive Endorsements
  • Low mass
  • Mass inclusion
  • Mass exclusion
Product Workshop
Product Management
  • Life cycle management
  • Download
  • Change control
  • Coding
  • Dynamic form
  • Definition of hedges
  • Product Documents
  • Dynamic coverage form
  • Outbuildings
  • Incompatibilities
  • Surcharges and discounts
  • Interests
  • Master classes
  • Master coverings
  • Expression of insurability by coverage
Bussiness Rule Engine (BRE)
  • Actuarial variables
  • Mathematical Expressions
  • Logical operators
  • Terms
Product Actuarial Simulator
  • Simulated configuration
  • Input Parameters
  • Switched
  • Results
  • Management of liens
  • Tax Simulator
  • Workflow publishing
  • Change history
  • Coverage or Event Tax
  • Non-bankable liens
  • Exemptions
  • Fixed or percentage
  • Conditional application
  • Behavior by process
  • Application by country, state, branch, product, coverage, type and / or person
  • Boards
  • Switch table management
  • Management of tables of values
  • Import
  • Manual input
  • Total and partial
  • Rescue application
  • Notification of receptions
  • Verification fit for bailouts
  • Issuance of payment orders
  • Policy reduction
  • Policy Endorsements
  • Loan application
  • Loan cancellation
  • Granting Policies
  • Customer Scoring
  • Notification of receptions
  • Loan Verification
  • Generation of payment plans
  • Interest Calculation
  • Monthly fee collection
  • Refinancing
  • Loan Cancellation
  • Generation of Billing Statement
  • Automatic collection: Generation of interfaces for collecting entities (banks, credit card, others)
  • Manual collection
  • Collection through pre-settlements of intermediaries
  • Accounting Allocation
  • Notification of non-payment
Accounting Module
  • Regulatory reports Superintendency of Insurance (Balance SINESUP, Current investment state)
  • Integrated accounting with Virtual Office
  • Manual Seats
  • Automatic locks
  • Creation of partial periods
  • Cost Center Control
  • Inflation adjustment
  • Bimonetary accounting
Accounts to Pay Module
  • ABM Providers
  • ABM Insurance Producer
  • Loading of vouchers
  • Issue of payments
  • Automatic retention
  • Voucher authorization Worflow
  • Current account providers
  • Current account Insurance Producer
  • Reporting on claims
  • Reporting on insureds
Treasure Module
  • ABM Bank accounts
  • Bank Reconciliations (semi-automatic)
  • Control of Values
  • State of Values
  • Banking positions
  • Fixed background
  • Expenses report
  • Credit cards
Accounts by Pay Module
  • Issue of sales invoices
  • Customers checking account
Investment Module
  • Management of Current Investments (Fixed Term, Securities, Values)
  • Investment reports for SINENSUP
Fixed assets Module
  • ABM Fixed assets
  • Amortization
  • Inventory Reports
AFIP Module
  • Creation of TxT file for import into AFIP and other collection agencies
Auxiliary I
Command line
  • API interface
  • Search Commands
  • Query Commands
  • Creation Commands
  • Editing Commands
Search engine
  • Policies
  • Claims
  • Contacts
  • Box
  • Comands
  • Guard Filters
  • Shortcut keyboard
Document manager
  • Document settings
  • Repository
  • Configurable conditions
  • Actions by command
  • Notifications
  • User Management
  • Locks
  • Password Policies
  • Role Management
  • Permits
  • Actions
  • Instance Variables
  • Tags
  • Limits
  • Catalogs
Audit accesses
  • IP registration
  • Event
  • Time stamp
  • Denied
  • Browser
  • Thread
  • Path accessed
Auxiliary II
  • Reports
  • Management reports
  • Comparison of annual budget vs. Production by segment
  • Claims by intermediaries
  • Portfolio health
  • Detail of operations with all its economic values
  • Details of policyholders or policyholders
  • Risk Map
  • Regulatory reports
Control Boards
  • User Management
  • Locks
  • Password Policies
  • Role Management
  • Permits
  • Actions


Insurance Core™ architecture combines a focused processes and services designed to scale (SOA) with application integration and service partners approach. The platform supports both modules can be implemented with Open Source tools as container owners, obtaining a high availability environment.

Presentation layer

100 % Web, supports multiple devices. It is not necessary to realize discharges to be able to use the system, it is enough to have only the direction URL.

Services layer

It is service-oriented (SOA), based on REST API. HTTP services can be consumed by a wide range of clients including web browsers, mobile, other systems or tablets.

Each process and resource data is exposed through an HTTP service enabling communication and integration between various current or future devices.

Process layer

The platform has an extended BPM (BPMN 2.0) with ability to solve RunTime time domain objects (insurance business). These objects can potentially be mapped to the data layer (relational database, partner service, etc).

This extension of the BPM generates an added value that gives simplicity and ease of reading process. Thus the processes have the ability to understand the business model with their corresponding objects in a natural way, avoiding technical actions within the process.

The process layer also has the ability to execute business rules thanks to embedded rules engine.

Business logic layer

It maintains business rules, constantly updating.

Base layer and data access

The data access layer provides a separation of code by its function. This approach provides flexibility to change the data persistence mechanism in the desired time.