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Insurance Core™

Integral and technological core solution optimized with the specifications of the general insurance industry. Designed to radically improve efficiency and innovation in your business.

Whether you are creating products, driving sales, or engaging with your customers, we have the ideal platform for your company.

With Insurance Core ™ you can manage all the key operations and processes of your company with tools created to improve your business.

Deliver rich customer experiences and get the information you need to drive a smarter, more responsive, and more agile business.

Increase the Speed and Efficiency of Business Processes

By integrating, standardizing and automating your processes on a single platform, and radically reducing costs and complexity.

Strategically Oriented to the Generation of Value

Thanks to the implementation of agile methodologies.

Drive Digital Engagement

With a platform that supports better customer intelligence and positive digital experiences across customer and product lifecycles.

Increase Business Agility with Highly Flexible Processes

Fast product design and speed to market, and fast integration with sales channels and ecosystem solutions.

Improves Operational Control and Risk Management

With accurate and consistent processes, robust data and process governance, and meeting changing privacy and regulatory requirements.

Innovative Insurance Ecosystem

Rich API services to connect to the latest digital technologies and data sources.

Microservices-based Platform

To innovate in a rapidly changing competitive landscape.

The digital age demands much more to remain relevant and competitive.