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Insurance Digital Onboarding

Focus on the Customer: ONBOARDING JOURNEY

Digital onboarding is the remote identification process that allows users to register as new customers in a 100% digital way through online channels (Internet, smartphone, etc.). The client does not need physical travel, or fill out paper forms, and the process can be done through any computer or mobile device.

Digital onboarding is part of a new bank, more modern and more efficient, which relies on technology to seek ever closer and more personalized proposals.

Improve Customer Experience

Real-time digital identification allows the potential customer to obtain insurance in a matter of minutes. Little effort, little time and few requirements translate into a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Facilitating the 100% digital entry of new customers and promoting interaction between both parties in an agile way contribute to user loyalty. By making things easy for him, the customer will be more closely linked to your company in hiring other products and services.

Outsource Identification Processes

This possibility frees up your company valuable time to dedicate to other tasks of greater value to the organization.

Reduce Time to Market

Faced with the days, or even weeks, of waiting in face-to-face or semi-digital registration processes, the customer who identifies himself through digital onboarding can get a response in just a few minutes. Displacement is avoided, you can do it from wherever and whenever you want, in a comfortable and agile process that you can start from any device.

Simplify Processes and Reduce Costs

Not only does it simplify daily operations, but it also speeds up adaptation to any ongoing regulatory change. The cost reduction that digital onboarding processes bring is significant, both in material and human resources.

Drive Business Growth

Geographical barriers are eliminated as the location of the client is not important, he may register certain services based on the proposals he receives from the different financial entities, regardless of whether they are in his city or in his country of residence. This greatly multiplies the growth possibilities of banks, which do not see their radius of action limited to the geographical area in which they are located.

More Effective Recruitment Campaigns

Attracting new customers is not an easy task. Attracting a client to hire a new product or service requires, in addition to considerable effort in marketing, advertising, etc. the dedication of extra time that is sometimes not available. Therefore, it is important that all the investment made for these purposes finds a quick and measurable return. With digital onboarding, the churn rate is significantly reduced, given the simplicity and agility inherent in the process, and it makes it easier to control potential churn by potential customers.

Approximation of New Generations to Financial Institutions

They do not know any other way to sign up for a service if it is not 100% digital and, in a matter of minutes, since they are used to working with other services where immediacy and simplicity prevail.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting business solutions linked to the eradication of paper in offices, or betting on the rational use of technology and energy savings. At this point, digital onboarding will also be a differentiating element for the entities that use it compared to those that do not.

The digital age demands much more to remain relevant and competitive.