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Risk Inspections™

It is Sysone software solution designed to simplify the management of the complete inspection process.

It encompasses from the generation of inspection orders to the handling of data and files.

Prior inspection

It has become a market standard from the technical point of view, and it includes all the necessary variables for the correct underwriting of risks.

Inspections of accidents

With a management model that allows us to modulate the service since the claim is received or third-party interception until the case is closed with the quote and bidding of parts, report and final settlement.

The inspection management module is oriented towards processes, bringing in flexibility and adaptability to customers’ needs.
This workflow controls all the inspections received, processing their result, based on different variables to determine the final outcome of the inspection.
Process Automation:

Monitoring of the work of each inspector, quality review, rejections, integration with issuance processes, among others.

Management Efficiency:

Automatic assignment of each inspector according to the client's geographical area.

Decrease in Manual Management:

Upload data directly to company systems, eliminating manual forms.

Greater Control of the Operation:

Continuous monitoring of the status of each inspection.

Generation of Reports:

Preparation of personalized information for each client.

Sending Notifications to Users and Inspectors:

Generation of notification templates that will be issued via text message or email.

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