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Soluciones Cloud Ready

Discover the True Potential of Digital Transformation with our Cloud-based Insurance platform.  

Our Cloud Ready Solution will allow you to:
• Accelerate digital transformation to become market leaders.
• Accelerate innovation with new business models and products
• Accelerate opportunities and the value of ecosystems
• Avoid interruption or extinction by new competition within and outside the industry

With Our Cloud Ready Technology, we help Insurers to Transform complexity into Simple experiences.

Advantages of Cloud Ready Solutions:

Costs Reduction

Implementing a Cloud solution reduces both infrastructure costs and IT and Maintenance costs. Free of licensing contracts.

Greater Flexibility

When growth or a specific crisis change the needs, the flexibility that this modality presents allows it to be answered in the correct way and on time, with an adequate solution.

Faster Time-to-Market

Adding value to the business and guaranteeing its continuity as quickly as possible.

Easy to Use

Cloud Ready solutions simplify infrastructure management.


Value Speed

Achieving business value sooner with iterative implementations is the essence of speed to value. This will allow you rapid business growth with minimal upfront cost.

Customer Commitment and Loyalty

Customer centricity is the backdrop against which all digital efforts must be placed and compared.

New World Products and Services

Disruption and changes that are reshaping industries and the businesses within them are creating unprecedented growth opportunities for insurers in terms of new risks, new markets, new customers and the demand for new products and services aligned to a new customer generation.

Test and Learning Platform

In a rapidly changing and disruptive market, the agility to test and learn quickly is critical to future success. To do so, insurers must have an affordable platform that tests and pivots from a minimum viable product (MVP) that enables continuous innovation.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Optimization

Instead of paying the traditional multi-million dollar license fee for application use and related systems integration services, insurers of all sizes now see the value of paying a minimal upfront cost that comes with ready-to-launch applications and updates. managed.

To help insurers on their journey to Digitization, SysOne's Cloud Ready Solutions strategy offers:
Maintain and Grow Existing Business

By modernizing and transforming the business using next-generation core systems in the cloud.

Optimize Existing Business

While creating the new one with digital participation using digital platforms and cloud ecosystem.

Develop a New Business Model

For a new generation of buyers with a Greenfield initiative and startup using digital platforms and ecosystem in the Cloud.